Friday, September 21, 2012


Well I am a bad blogger.  I would love to report that I will be better at blogging...but...let's be won't happen.  haha  So for now...this blog will be updated every once in a while.  That I can promise.  :) 

This late summer brought to Peter's mind nothing but LSAT prep.  My husband has been working, doing his full fall schedule, and studying like mad for his LSAT that he will attempt to take the beginning of October if he feels prepared enough.  So naturally that should put me in the lonely wife category.  Lucky for me, I have my family close by.  Ever since Harry Potter, as I was growing up, my family had a tradition of us reading together.  We would pick a book we felt everyone would like and read.  It is some of my fondest memories.  Well with Peter being gone all the time, we decided to read another book together.  My Mom read the "Tiger's Curse" series, all 4 books, in around 4 days.  So she decided she had to read them with us.  Oh my gosh!  It is an amazing book.  I was totally captured instantly.  I just LOVE it!  My Mom wrote a review on it on our family book blog... here is the link if you want to know more about it.  I 100% agree with her description.  Anyways, if you have not read it.....PLEASE DO!  Well we got through the first book really fast because it was just my Mom and I reading it..Britt already started..and now we are on the 2nd book. 

Last night, you probably know because my facebook wall is blown up with last night, my mom found out the author Colleen Houck was going to be signing books.  Everyone at work probably thought I was crazy because at 5:00 I was freaking out wanting to go home.  They asked me what was so important and I responded with, "I am going to a book signing" which was responded with, "oh".  haha  I don't think they understand my love for books.  Everyone that knows me, knows I am obsessed with reading.  When caught in a good book, I always feel bad because that is all I want to do but Peter will just smile and say, "I knew what I was getting into when I married you babe".  haha  So last night at 7:00, I saw her.  She was so funny as she told about her book, her maybe movie on the books, and just any questions people wanted to know.  Not only was she witty and funny, she was so sweet!  She was telling how her books are in different languages and the people of Brazil actually get the most excited about the books (out of her different languages).  Belle asked how to get a book in Portuguese, because of Tavin.  When she found out he is on a mission, she gave us her sister in law's email address and told Mom to tell her sister in law that she has a son on a mission and she will send us a free copy.  Colleen went on a mission too, actually to where the main character Kelsey was from, Oregon.  Explains why she loved it so much.  Anyways, did I convince you to read it?  Great!  :D 

Here are some pictures of the night!  All day I was texting Mom counting down.  For a girl who loves to read, like myself, this was like Christmas or going to Disneyland (2 of my favorite things). 

All the books out so more to come!

I felt bad for the people after us.  When we started talking about missions, the conversation just flew as she was signing our whole pile of books!  She seriously was soooooo nice! 

Yes, my hubby did come to support me! Thanks honey!  ^ He even asked for a picture! ;)  I like how all of our colors matched! Haha 
My sweet family!  Ohhhhh how I LOVE reading this book with them!  

One other thing that makes me soooooo happy right now is winning the "Ugly backyard contest", as Peter and I call it. I feel so blessed to have the people in my life! I have the best family and friends and I want to say a BIG, "THANKS!!!" for everyone that voted for us to make it possible. For those that don't know, Moon Valley Nursery was doing a contest in which you could upload a picture of your backyard and have people vote on which one they felt needed the most work. Well because of my amazing people in my life, we get $4,000 on our backyard makeover. We are still waiting to hear about the details. On the radio call, Peter said Kevin Wall said that he felt our backyard was really ugly and wanted to know if it was a fake picture. haha Oh great! Pictures and updates will follow. We are actually right now getting our house ready to repaint the outside before yard work. I am so excited and seriously feel so blessed. It is hard to be starving students that can't get any help because, "we make too much money in our jobs" or "we are not diverse enough". Finally help is coming and I could not have done it without you all so THANKS!

Here is the link to hear Peter on the radio!  It is in the 1st hour and right after the opening credits.  Ahhhh I am sooooo excited!  I will keep pictures coming when we get started!  Well that is it for now...I will TRY to update soon!  Until then...

The Petersen Family

Friday, July 27, 2012


So the picture should say it all!  Tonight Peter and I will be supporting TEAM USA in the summer Olympics!  I am seriously so excited and I love when I come to times that...even being married for 3 years....we still have a first as a married couple!  We will be watching tonight...American flag shirts and all!  Pictures to come later.  Hope you all have fun watching.  What are your plans?  Now...without further this video of the amazing USA swim team doing "Call Me Maybe".  I am in love!  Can't wait for Peter to get home so he can watch it with me!

Much Luv,
The Petersens

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Flowers and April Showers

Ok we live in Nevada...the chances of "showers" do not happen much. haha But we do have some really pretty flowers in our yard. I just love this time of year and what makes it even better is Peter was on Spring break this past week so that meant I actually went to bed with my husband! None of the coming home to an empty house and Peter coming home 10:30 or 11:00 at night! This was an amazing week!
The week started how I wish every week could start...with general conference! How blessed we are to live in a time where we can hear words from prophets and apostles and just amazing people who listen to the spirit and tell us what our Heavenly Father wants us to know for our life. Ever feel conference was just for you? Well sorry guys but this time...conference was just for me. :) I love that it just gave me the push to become better at everyday things like prayers, scripture reading, writing letters to Tavin (Sat. conference had a talk that made me feel really guilty that some weeks I miss), my church calling with the amazing YW, and just how we are around family and friends. I feel so happy and uplifted! I hope you all had a great conference weekend just like Peter and I had. Not only that but during conference I feel so much closer to my brother. My brother and I are really close and this mission time has been soooo hard! He will be reaching his 1 year mark soon and when everyone says, "wow, 1 year already", I always think that they are crazy and it feels like he has been gone 2 years already. For that moment during conference though I know he is listening to the same songs and hearing the same messages as we are, even though he is so far away and listening to them at night instead of the morning. I love that feeling!
This week has also brought the cutest cousins ever to visit! Linny, Josh, and Jake are here this week while my Aunt and Uncle and cousins Tanner and Meg are at Youth Conference! It has been a blast! So far we have played games, gone to the park, swam in our heated pool, gone to Chuck E Cheese, watched Hop, ate waffles and so much more. Today we are going to the lake so I need to go but there is my quick update of conference week. Will write soon!

Lot of love,
The Petersens <3

My boys watching Saturday General Conference!

Isn't he sooo cute?!?!

T was CRAZY the morning of Sunday General Conference and was running around like mad and as soon as the 1st song came on....he did this! Love him!

My Mom did these to go along with 2 of my favorite talks! Yes....she is amazing! :)

This is my hubby doing "homework". I told him to get HW done and I would watch a movie with T and this is what happened.

My cousin jake LOVES "her"! He has a girl dog and no matter how many times we say T is a boy...he will always be a, "ohhhh I love her". haha

Playing on our bed!

Jake doing some snowboarding on the Wii!

More pictures to come...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our new baby!

Peter and I got a baby!!! We are parents! Yep you read right....of a puppy that is! ;) Little T joined our family February 20th, 2012! Here is his story...

It was President's Day sooooo I had the day off! Woo hoo! The day started off by my family wanting to look at pet stores. Belle is in love with all things pets and that is what she wanted to do for her day off of school sooo off we went. Peter had to stay behind because we had an awful car we needed to sell ASAP and we were having people over to look at it....Car was SOLD phew! Just in case you were wondering. Thanks Tavin for letting me use your truck while you are on your mission. ;) That is a life saver for us until we can find another car. Anyways...haha.....back to the story....

We hit a pet story right by Wal Mart. Ohhhhh they had the cutest puppies and we held every single one we thought was cute. Finally we held a little white long haired Chiwawa and we loved her. So all of a sudden I had the urge that I wanted a puppy! My family promised Tavin that they would not get a puppy until he was back from his mission buuuttt....I am a Petersen now so it doesn't count. ;) I wanted her and called Peter saying I wanted to buy a puppy. Only problem....she was over $1000 and for poor college students still trying to get through school and fix up their home...that is kind of a lot. Sadly, I decided to not get her. Next stop...we went to BJs restaurant and while we were there my parents remembered a time when we saw a puppy at Tai Pan and the owner told us she got her dog from a breeder just outside of St. George, Utah. Well long story 6 at parents, Belle, and myself were on our way to get my puppy. Peter was way behind on hw so he could not go :'(

A few hours later...Little T was in my arms coming home! Little T was named after my brother on his mission. During his HS Track days, his nickname was Big T so Little T worked perfectly for him. T (for short) was born December 27th, 2011 (the day my brother got baptized many years ago). He is a Chiwawa and Pomeranian mix or a Pomchi for short. He is such a joy to have around and keeps me company when Peter has late night school and is busy with hw. He is also A LOT more work than I thought. He is like a baby and wakes us up to go to the bathroom at 3 and 5 every morning but I love him! He has and I have an awesome Mom that watches him everyday while I am at work and has trained him so well. He only has accidents every once in awhile and it is always Peter or I's fault because we will not be watching him close and he will be by the door and can't hold it forever sooo our fault. He prances around the house and we just love that about him. He loves to play and run fast but also loves to cuddle. Right now he is on my lap laying down as I type away. We love him and I am so glad I got him! My little fox looking dog! Annnndddd soooooo much cheaper! After all his shots and getting him fixed soon, the price won't even be close to what the dog at the pet store was. I can't wait until Tav can get home and see this cutie! Until then, I will have to take pictures and videos so Tav can see him! This will be my baby hungry fix until Peter and I can start our family. We love ya Little T!

Love your Mommy,

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hey Blogging world! My amazing roommate from college and one of my bestie friends is doing a Givaway on her blog! You MUST check it out! She has the CUTEST pictures EVER! Seriously soooo talented! Even if you do not live in Idaho....good reason for a weekend get away! Soooo check it out!

Love ya Kandice! Awesome givaway!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


That is right...we are leaving TODAY to go! My favorite place in the whole world a.k.a. the happiest place on Earth (sometimes...we are not including some of our experiences...Fox know what I am talking about). So so SOOOOO excited! Will write about it when we come home! Hopefully we can mark one of our 2012 Dream List items off! For 2012 my family got together and talked about 12 fun things we would like to do this year. To see our list and updates of us completing the tasks...see... ....that is our blog that will show pictures of us completing all the fun stuff we have in 2012! Already did the Scavenger Hunt....soooo much fun!!!! Pictures will come soon. Stay posted!

Until we get back from our weekend fun!

The Petersens

This is from our 1 year Anniversary. I am not really good at blogging haha I am getting better though right? This was actually Peter's 1st picture with a character EVER! I am glad I got to be in his 1st picture. ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Funny Stuff My Husband Does....Volume #1

Peter and I love having a good laugh and having fun together! This might not seem funny to anyone else because I think it was one of those "you needed to be there things"; however, I had a good laugh about it.

From above picture, what does not belong with the others? P.S. Please do not pay attention to how messy our fridge is...haha we need to clean it out A.S.A.P.

No one else puts Kettle Corn in the refrigerator right? I hope I am not the only one that did not understand why it was in there. hahaha

For those who know Peter, know that when he is tired....he is tired! lol I once had a really long convo with him in bed with him telling me how he was fighting the dragon. That one was my fault though because I could not sleep that night and when I am not tired...I try to wake Peter up to "talk". ;) The other day, I went to grab milk from the refrigerator while I was talking to Peter on the phone. When I saw the Kettle Corn, I asked if he put it in the fridge. He started busting up laughing and said, "I was so hungry and tired". hahaha Ohhhhhh I love my Peter! 123

Peter is always making me laugh so I decided, I wanted to remember those moments. This will be the 1st of many volumes I believe ;) Love you honey!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My sweet UNLV Hubby!

I wanted to give a blog post dedicated to my sweet husband who likes to make my life soooo much easier! I am literally so happy right now! He makes me smile every time I see him and I LOVE everything we do together! I always heard it said that people that are married fall more in love each day and I know that is true. He is my best friend and I am so happy I made the choice to marry him. Peter started yet another semester of school. He is working so hard at his job and school that when school starts again after break, I hate it! I see him less and it is so sad to me. With Peter hitting the books, he still has some time to help me out....

If you don't know by now...Peter and I have had the WORST luck with cars. haha Only my old faith full car, Elena (yeah Vampire what hehe) is working. Peter and I just bought a new car so this is Peter on his free time...

"Kassie, I want a hug!" Sorry love!

I am also in Young Womens! Love my calling but this time of year is crazy for us because we are doing our Valentine Bouquet Fundraiser. My little task is to make the center piece of the candy bouquets. We got to tie 250 bows and glue them on sticks and cut out and glitter 250 hearts and glue those on stick. Well I worked hard on tying the bows and Peter helped cut the stings for me but when I came home last Thursday, Peter glittered every single heart and cut a ton out. Sweet right? It made today so much easier as I just finished cutting and am about to glue the final products. Just doing a quick blog break! :)

Awww my husband loves me even when I come home after work. Don't mind my scrubs and messy hair ^^^ hehe

A lot of glitter hearts huh?

Anyways, love you Peter! Thanks for being my "only star"! 123

Now for a story about us...

Kassie was at work and her super nice boss wanted to give her tickets to the UNLV Basketball game because he could not use them and he knew Kassie's husband went to school there. While trying to decide if they wanted to go, Peter and Kassie decided they would. Kassie has always been a BYU fan. Always have and always will. UNLV was not playing BYU though so it was decided she would cheer for UNLV. ;) Despite her best efforts not like UNLV and the fans, Peter and Kassie had so much fun! They cheered with everyone else and loved when everyone in the crowd started cheering for Herbert, who turned 91 (it was his Birthday) and have been sitting in the same seats since the Thomas and Mack Center opened. He was a true Rebel fan! UNLV won and actually got 101 points, which was what everyone in the seats wanted. After they had some pizza. It was a fun mid-week date! Peter wants to get Kassie a shirt for the next game...hmmmm....not sure if that will happen quite yet. One step at a time babe! haha Best quote of the night...
"haha Peter look at those UNLV fans dressed up as old people"
"Yeah, I see them. What I can't figure out is if they are really old people or dressed up like old people."

"hahahah Really? Look at this picture!"

Funny that in the sea of red, I am still wearing my colors. Navy was not on purpose, I promise but funny though.

Driving home...there was a line of cars!

Thanks for stopping by!
The Petersens

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brining in 2012

2011 you have been good to us! We had lots of fun this year! We have amazing family and the best friends! This year...
*I went to the Sevens Games with Tavin! That was so much fun and a memory I will remember forever!!!
*We got a new Brother-In-Law to the Petersen side. Austin...we love you and am so glad you married Rachel, you two are so cute!
*My brother left on his mission. Ummmm was this a good highlight? Even though it has been so hard, we are so proud of him and the man he is becoming. Letters are now my favorite things to get.
*I got a nephew! Little Jonas is so cute and we love playing with him!
*Belly Button got baptized! So proud of you Belle! I love my baby sister! You will always be my baby sister so get used to it. :)
*Brittin is now 14 and can go to the dances! It is fun to get to be part of getting her ready (even if she does not like it). haha Love you pretty Britt!
*We had lots of fun dates!
*Peter and I celebrated our 2 year Anniversary! We saw Lion King! Ahhh AMAZING!
*I got a new job which I love!
*We started our love for some new shows with my family. Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, and Once Upon a Time! LOVE!
*I LOVE my calling with the YW!
*I LOVED all the fun activities Mom and Dad always plan! We have had so much memories because of your creativeness. Thanks for all you do for Peter and I! My parents are amazing!
Basically, it was a year full of happy times, sad times, laughing times, and just so much joy because of the family and friends we share! Thanks for all the memories 2011!

Here is how we rang in the New Year....
Normally, we like to hit the strip. I know, some people think we are crazy but let me tell you, it is soooooo much fun! I have loved every time we have gone. This year; however, Britt had her New Years Eve dance to go to...which she looked soooo cute by the we decided to party it up at home with Belle. We played games, ate some yummy food, and yelled errr counted in the New Year! Then...I got my New Year kiss and did some poppers with everyone. It was really fun! Nana and Papa were even there which made it even better! Haha Sorry Nana for all the bad cards in Pit from my Dad. ;) Here are some pictures from the night...

Two of my loves in my life!

Belle and I....I just love her soooo much!

My cute sister is a party animal! Sorry guys but I have the cutest 8 year old sister award!

Hahaha Belle was taking a picture of us and last min. Peter decided to go for a kiss= very awkward picture! ;)We need to get better at taking more pictures this next year!

Well there you have it...2012 will have much more fun times ahead. It is also our "Black Year" with Tavin so wish us luck!

Love you all!
<3 The Petersens