Friday, March 29, 2013

Telling The Future Nana and Papa

O.K.  These next few blog posts are going to be VERY old because I need to update this blog before I can get to recent stuff.  So sorry!  I never said I would be the best at blogging!   :)

Well...let me just say Mom is a genius and they knew before we even told them.  haha was a great experience telling them anyways. 

These above pictures are some we took the day after I told Peter and the day I took 3 more tests. haha
Not the best pictures.  We took them with a timer and put our camera on a ladder.  I get spoiled most of the time with my Mom taking our pictures. ;)
Well back to the story of telling my parents.  Peter and I both thought of our own way of telling our parents sooooo when I was thinking about how I wanted to tell my Mom and Dad I found out one of the authors my family has read was coming to Vegas!  My Mom collects signed books and she got me doing that as well.  We have been to many book signings together and it is something we both love to do.  It is like Disneyland for us.  For people who love to read like my is so amazing meeting different people who wrote the books we love.  Anyways, this last Thanksgiving was the Petersen's turn so we stayed in town while my family went to California to spend Thanksgiving with my Aunt Teena and her family.  So while they were still out of town on Saturday, Peter and I went to the book store and got this book...

Lisa Mangum writes "The Hourglass Door" series that we just loved.  This is her new book which I have not read yet.  Anyways, she was super sweet and I was so excited to give this to my parents.  I tell my parents EVERYTHING and it was killing me to have to wait until I got the book to tell them.  When we finally pulled them aside to give them the book....they already guessed it but oh was still so much fun to be able to share the excitement with them!  I fell so blessed that my baby has such amazing people to look up to!  My parents are who made me who I least the good parts...and have been there every step of the way in my life and they continue to still be there every step of the way through my pregnancy!  My last appointment, my Mom could not make it due to car problems and when Dr. Juarez walked in, he looked at Peter and I and said, "wait...just you two?"  haha He loves when my parents come to chat as well.  I am and our baby is soooo lucky to have them live so close!  Love ya Mom and Dad!  Thanks for always being there for me!  I can't wait for our little one to be here and I know when I have to go back to work, I won't have to worry because I know I have the most amazing people there to watch our baby!
Love always,
Your little princess forever (nickname my Dad gave me...he gives all of us a nickname when we are born),