Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Husband's View On The Preposal

So I am the worst blogger EVER but I am going to try and blog at least once in awhile. Back when I had (at the time) the best day of my life, Peter and I wrote our thoughts about our proposal. I posted my story but never Peter's side and just the other day came across it. So here it is....

The Other Perspective. Spent forever

About a year ago I meet the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She was a friend of a friend, and from the moment I saw her I haven’t been able to think about much else. We stared spending almost every day together. Exactly how long we have been dating is not for sure but I do know that I have wanted to marry Kassie for a long time. I am truly amazed that we ended up together. I know that it’s because that is how things were supposed to work out. That’s how it’s always been between Kassie and I, things always just seem to workout.

We had been talking a little about getting married and we both knew that we had found each other, but we just couldn't start really talking until things were officially official, which meant I needed to get on the ball. A guy only gets to propose to the girl he loves once so I think that means it should be something really special that she will look back on and remember forever. I started trying to think of ideas but I was getting frustrated when nothing seemed right. I spent forever on YouTube and Google reading and watching other people’s cute proposal ideas but nothing seemed good enough. Until one day when I was talking to Kim, Kassie’s mom. She mentioned that her sister Teena had purchased a flight at a scout auction on a four person plane. She told me that they were talking and that it might be cute to use the flight and some sort of big sign to pop the question. That was it. It just seemed right. So we started working out the details. Teena lives in Cali so they needed a reason to go there. Teena's husband Jared just recently had a b-day so a fake surprise party would be the reason for the trip. Then we had to find a good time. Luckily the months of June and July are full of b-days, Girl’s Camp, and Jonas Brothers concerts so picking the day was easy. Waiting was the hard part. So July 11 became the day. I really wanted it to be a surprise to Kassie so I invited her to go with me to Utah on that weekend. I knew that she would go with her family if they asked her to. That way she would not expect a thing.

From the beginning Kassie fell in love with her ring. It just fits her. It’s beautiful just like she is. So just after I knew which one she wanted I went down and got it, but I couldn't have her suspecting something so I pretended like getting the ring was the last thing on my mind. We would go here and there to look at rings and I would always have her try on the ugly ones. I could tell she was getting frustrated with my apparent lack of interest. Another thing I needed to do before I could ask Kassie was talk to her Dad. I was nervous but Tom was great about it, and even tried make me feel better. I will remember our conversation forever, he is a great guy and I can’t wait to be officially in his family.

So the really big sign turned out to be a six by seventy five foot nightmare. Kinko's made it in four pieces that had to be taped together. My sister Rae and I attempted this in the church gym because when we tried it in my backyard we realized that wind hates really big paper signs. We also taped along the edges to give it some strength against the wind. Two PVC pipes were added to other end to make it easier to roll and unroll this thing.

So the day was finally here. Kassie had left for Cali on Friday thinking that I was going to Utah the same day. We left at around four in the morning on Saturday. I use nervous, I could not eat anything, and I slept for about an hour the night before. I really don’t know why I was so nervous. It was like the feeling just before you go on a roller coaster. You really want to go but you still feel nervous. It was a good thing my sisters Rae and Jenny came with Daniel. They helped a lot. We made the drive in three hours. We went and got flowers and balloons once we got there, then waited. The waiting was the worst. I was nervous just sitting there thinking about it. We waited in the park across the street from the airport for the call that they went up, which came around 10:30. We rushed out of our hiding spots and started getting everything ready. Kim had thought that it would be cute for all the kids to have matching t-shit s with “say yes” on the back. So she made them and somehow snuck them down to Cali with her. They are way cute. So with everything else in place we started unrolling the sign. It turned out there was wind and keeping the sign from ripping took everyone’s help. We had some one placed about every three feet holding it down. It was really cool to see all of Kassie’s family there helping with Rae, Jenny, and Daniel. Kassie’s ride seemed like forever but when she finally came, we all held the sign up for her to see. The plane came down went over us and went back up. I did not know what was going on. It turned around and came back and landed. I just hoped she could read it with so much wind. After she got out of the plane she ran to me, I knew she read the sign. There was only one thing left to do. Get down on one knee and ask Kassie the most important question ever. I looked into her eyes and got the confidence to start talking, Kassie will you marry me? She made it the best day of my life when she said YES. The rest of the day was great. I was soo happy. I know we are supposed to be together.

He is for sure a cutie and the love of my life. Here are some pics of my hubby making the sign and the day of the proposal. Love him! Thanks Peter for making it the best day EVER and thanks all my family again. You guys are the best! No better way to get proposed to than having the ones I love there with me!

Peter and the sign.

Writing me a cute message. I just love this boy!

Rolling it up.

Awwwww my pretty ring and my hot husband!

Waiting... with his Sister Rachel and Brother-in-law Daniel

Peter, Rachel, and Jenny and Daniel (in the back..covered with balloons). Not sure what Peter is looking at. lol

My Fam helping with the sign. I am up in the air at this point. Ahhhhh

Our plane ride as a newly engaged couple! Best ride EVER!

Peter's truck he drove up in. <3

A fairytale day! I loved every moment! Now it has been a year that he asked me to marry him and almost a year that we have been married. Time goes so fast. Love you Peter! Thanks for being my only star!