Friday, September 21, 2012


Well I am a bad blogger.  I would love to report that I will be better at blogging...but...let's be won't happen.  haha  So for now...this blog will be updated every once in a while.  That I can promise.  :) 

This late summer brought to Peter's mind nothing but LSAT prep.  My husband has been working, doing his full fall schedule, and studying like mad for his LSAT that he will attempt to take the beginning of October if he feels prepared enough.  So naturally that should put me in the lonely wife category.  Lucky for me, I have my family close by.  Ever since Harry Potter, as I was growing up, my family had a tradition of us reading together.  We would pick a book we felt everyone would like and read.  It is some of my fondest memories.  Well with Peter being gone all the time, we decided to read another book together.  My Mom read the "Tiger's Curse" series, all 4 books, in around 4 days.  So she decided she had to read them with us.  Oh my gosh!  It is an amazing book.  I was totally captured instantly.  I just LOVE it!  My Mom wrote a review on it on our family book blog... here is the link if you want to know more about it.  I 100% agree with her description.  Anyways, if you have not read it.....PLEASE DO!  Well we got through the first book really fast because it was just my Mom and I reading it..Britt already started..and now we are on the 2nd book. 

Last night, you probably know because my facebook wall is blown up with last night, my mom found out the author Colleen Houck was going to be signing books.  Everyone at work probably thought I was crazy because at 5:00 I was freaking out wanting to go home.  They asked me what was so important and I responded with, "I am going to a book signing" which was responded with, "oh".  haha  I don't think they understand my love for books.  Everyone that knows me, knows I am obsessed with reading.  When caught in a good book, I always feel bad because that is all I want to do but Peter will just smile and say, "I knew what I was getting into when I married you babe".  haha  So last night at 7:00, I saw her.  She was so funny as she told about her book, her maybe movie on the books, and just any questions people wanted to know.  Not only was she witty and funny, she was so sweet!  She was telling how her books are in different languages and the people of Brazil actually get the most excited about the books (out of her different languages).  Belle asked how to get a book in Portuguese, because of Tavin.  When she found out he is on a mission, she gave us her sister in law's email address and told Mom to tell her sister in law that she has a son on a mission and she will send us a free copy.  Colleen went on a mission too, actually to where the main character Kelsey was from, Oregon.  Explains why she loved it so much.  Anyways, did I convince you to read it?  Great!  :D 

Here are some pictures of the night!  All day I was texting Mom counting down.  For a girl who loves to read, like myself, this was like Christmas or going to Disneyland (2 of my favorite things). 

All the books out so more to come!

I felt bad for the people after us.  When we started talking about missions, the conversation just flew as she was signing our whole pile of books!  She seriously was soooooo nice! 

Yes, my hubby did come to support me! Thanks honey!  ^ He even asked for a picture! ;)  I like how all of our colors matched! Haha 
My sweet family!  Ohhhhh how I LOVE reading this book with them!  

One other thing that makes me soooooo happy right now is winning the "Ugly backyard contest", as Peter and I call it. I feel so blessed to have the people in my life! I have the best family and friends and I want to say a BIG, "THANKS!!!" for everyone that voted for us to make it possible. For those that don't know, Moon Valley Nursery was doing a contest in which you could upload a picture of your backyard and have people vote on which one they felt needed the most work. Well because of my amazing people in my life, we get $4,000 on our backyard makeover. We are still waiting to hear about the details. On the radio call, Peter said Kevin Wall said that he felt our backyard was really ugly and wanted to know if it was a fake picture. haha Oh great! Pictures and updates will follow. We are actually right now getting our house ready to repaint the outside before yard work. I am so excited and seriously feel so blessed. It is hard to be starving students that can't get any help because, "we make too much money in our jobs" or "we are not diverse enough". Finally help is coming and I could not have done it without you all so THANKS!

Here is the link to hear Peter on the radio!  It is in the 1st hour and right after the opening credits.  Ahhhh I am sooooo excited!  I will keep pictures coming when we get started!  Well that is it for now...I will TRY to update soon!  Until then...

The Petersen Family

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