Saturday, January 21, 2012

My sweet UNLV Hubby!

I wanted to give a blog post dedicated to my sweet husband who likes to make my life soooo much easier! I am literally so happy right now! He makes me smile every time I see him and I LOVE everything we do together! I always heard it said that people that are married fall more in love each day and I know that is true. He is my best friend and I am so happy I made the choice to marry him. Peter started yet another semester of school. He is working so hard at his job and school that when school starts again after break, I hate it! I see him less and it is so sad to me. With Peter hitting the books, he still has some time to help me out....

If you don't know by now...Peter and I have had the WORST luck with cars. haha Only my old faith full car, Elena (yeah Vampire what hehe) is working. Peter and I just bought a new car so this is Peter on his free time...

"Kassie, I want a hug!" Sorry love!

I am also in Young Womens! Love my calling but this time of year is crazy for us because we are doing our Valentine Bouquet Fundraiser. My little task is to make the center piece of the candy bouquets. We got to tie 250 bows and glue them on sticks and cut out and glitter 250 hearts and glue those on stick. Well I worked hard on tying the bows and Peter helped cut the stings for me but when I came home last Thursday, Peter glittered every single heart and cut a ton out. Sweet right? It made today so much easier as I just finished cutting and am about to glue the final products. Just doing a quick blog break! :)

Awww my husband loves me even when I come home after work. Don't mind my scrubs and messy hair ^^^ hehe

A lot of glitter hearts huh?

Anyways, love you Peter! Thanks for being my "only star"! 123

Now for a story about us...

Kassie was at work and her super nice boss wanted to give her tickets to the UNLV Basketball game because he could not use them and he knew Kassie's husband went to school there. While trying to decide if they wanted to go, Peter and Kassie decided they would. Kassie has always been a BYU fan. Always have and always will. UNLV was not playing BYU though so it was decided she would cheer for UNLV. ;) Despite her best efforts not like UNLV and the fans, Peter and Kassie had so much fun! They cheered with everyone else and loved when everyone in the crowd started cheering for Herbert, who turned 91 (it was his Birthday) and have been sitting in the same seats since the Thomas and Mack Center opened. He was a true Rebel fan! UNLV won and actually got 101 points, which was what everyone in the seats wanted. After they had some pizza. It was a fun mid-week date! Peter wants to get Kassie a shirt for the next game...hmmmm....not sure if that will happen quite yet. One step at a time babe! haha Best quote of the night...
"haha Peter look at those UNLV fans dressed up as old people"
"Yeah, I see them. What I can't figure out is if they are really old people or dressed up like old people."

"hahahah Really? Look at this picture!"

Funny that in the sea of red, I am still wearing my colors. Navy was not on purpose, I promise but funny though.

Driving home...there was a line of cars!

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The Petersens

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  1. What a super sweet and helpful husband you have! :)