Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our new baby!

Peter and I got a baby!!! We are parents! Yep you read right....of a puppy that is! ;) Little T joined our family February 20th, 2012! Here is his story...

It was President's Day sooooo I had the day off! Woo hoo! The day started off by my family wanting to look at pet stores. Belle is in love with all things pets and that is what she wanted to do for her day off of school sooo off we went. Peter had to stay behind because we had an awful car we needed to sell ASAP and we were having people over to look at it....Car was SOLD phew! Just in case you were wondering. Thanks Tavin for letting me use your truck while you are on your mission. ;) That is a life saver for us until we can find another car. Anyways...haha.....back to the story....

We hit a pet story right by Wal Mart. Ohhhhh they had the cutest puppies and we held every single one we thought was cute. Finally we held a little white long haired Chiwawa and we loved her. So all of a sudden I had the urge that I wanted a puppy! My family promised Tavin that they would not get a puppy until he was back from his mission buuuttt....I am a Petersen now so it doesn't count. ;) I wanted her and called Peter saying I wanted to buy a puppy. Only problem....she was over $1000 and for poor college students still trying to get through school and fix up their home...that is kind of a lot. Sadly, I decided to not get her. Next stop...we went to BJs restaurant and while we were there my parents remembered a time when we saw a puppy at Tai Pan and the owner told us she got her dog from a breeder just outside of St. George, Utah. Well long story 6 at parents, Belle, and myself were on our way to get my puppy. Peter was way behind on hw so he could not go :'(

A few hours later...Little T was in my arms coming home! Little T was named after my brother on his mission. During his HS Track days, his nickname was Big T so Little T worked perfectly for him. T (for short) was born December 27th, 2011 (the day my brother got baptized many years ago). He is a Chiwawa and Pomeranian mix or a Pomchi for short. He is such a joy to have around and keeps me company when Peter has late night school and is busy with hw. He is also A LOT more work than I thought. He is like a baby and wakes us up to go to the bathroom at 3 and 5 every morning but I love him! He has and I have an awesome Mom that watches him everyday while I am at work and has trained him so well. He only has accidents every once in awhile and it is always Peter or I's fault because we will not be watching him close and he will be by the door and can't hold it forever sooo our fault. He prances around the house and we just love that about him. He loves to play and run fast but also loves to cuddle. Right now he is on my lap laying down as I type away. We love him and I am so glad I got him! My little fox looking dog! Annnndddd soooooo much cheaper! After all his shots and getting him fixed soon, the price won't even be close to what the dog at the pet store was. I can't wait until Tav can get home and see this cutie! Until then, I will have to take pictures and videos so Tav can see him! This will be my baby hungry fix until Peter and I can start our family. We love ya Little T!

Love your Mommy,


    I want one!

    But being that I will be in an apartment for a while... we will have to pass for now :(