About Us! xoxo

The Mr.

Peter was born February 13, 1986 in Provo, Utah! He was born to two amazing parents and is the oldest of 5 kids (1 brother and 3 sisters). At a young age, Peter moved to Nevada. When he turned 19, Peter served a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Culiacan, Mexico Mission. Peter loved the people there and missed it but would have never guessed what awaited him when he got home.

The Mrs.

Kassie was born June 22, 1989 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She was born to the best parents a girl can have and is the oldest of 4 kids (1 brother, 2 sisters). Kassie lived in Nevada since she was 5 years old and loved it. She loved spending time with friends and her best friends, her family. When Kassie graduated, she went off to fall semester at BYU-Idaho in which she made memories and friends that would last a life time. Kassie returned home in April 2008 to try a job opportunity.

The Petersen Couple

Kassie and Peter met at the Singles Ward, May 2008. Sparks flew right away; however, Kassie did NOT want to get married. Kassie and Peter spent as much time together as they could and often talked late into the night after they said "bye". February 2009, Kassie realized that her feelings for Peter were getting stronger. Things worked out how they should. May 2009, Kassie made a big leap and asked Peter what kind of future they had? Peter was shocked and explained to Kassie how he has loved her for such a long time; however, knowing how Kassie felt about marriage, did not want to bring it up. The couple was glowing and happy from that moment on. July 11th, 2009, Kassie went to her Uncle Jared's "Birthday Party", where the happy couple got engaged. The two love birds started planning a wedding for November 14th, 2009. Momma Fox...sorry how lazy we were, we were just a happy engaged couple. ;) Thanks for the lists. haha That day, 11/14/09, Kassie and Peter got married in the Las Vegas Temple for time and all eternity. Then the Petersen family was born. This is a blog of their many adventures they have together! Enjoy and we love you all!

The Petersens ;)

Married Life
*Kassie and Peter bought their first home together October 2009. Started trying to paint it to be ready to greet the newlyweds! Still trying to make their house a home! The couple loves the location...we are by both of our families! :) Kassie's dream right there! ;)
*Peter is a super busy guy. Working at Half Priced Lawyers and school full time at UNLV! Peter often says, he has to do his homework at the UNLV library because his wife is too much of a distraction. They just want to have fun together.
*Kassie is working at Periodontics Ltd. She loves, loves, LOVES her job and is happy to help pay the bills while her hubby is going through school!
*Kassie and Peter got their 1st baby...puppy that is...February 20th, 2012 and loves spending time with Little T! He is a cutie and brings so much fun times and joy into their lives!
*November 17th was a happy day for Kassie and Peter....they found out they were going to be parents!  Due July 28th, 2013!!!
*July 15th was the next BEST day of their lives...Finn Thomas Petersen was born!!! The happy couple could not be more in love!