Friday, January 8, 2016

Finn Thomas Petersen I want to write down EVERYTHING so I remember when the details become less clear.  Fair warning...this will be a long one. How can you make the birth of your first baby short.   By July I was finally feeling ready to have our little guy. He was just getting big or I guess I  should say... I was getting BIG ;) hehe....and Vegas summers are HOT. Go figure huh?!?! haha I was a mixture of excited as the day came closer and nervous. I started becoming worried that Finn would be too big (all the ultrasounds were looking like he was bigger than his due date of July 28th should be) and that I would need a C-Section.  My Dr. told me to hold on and that he did not want to induce me until a week or so after my due date.  So I started walking every night and waited. Working became hard. I could not see into my patient's mouths as good anymore and they kept asking me when I was going to pop.

Sunday, July 14th, I ate some breakfast and went to church. During young womens...I am a second counselor...I had some stomach aches. I started to think maybe our milk went bad. As the night went on my stomach aches started hurting worse. I went to a camp testimony meeting and my Mom from the stage kept looking at me worried because she knew I was hurting. At around 10 I went into the hospital to make sure everything was fine. They told me I was not dilated at all and that I was dehydrated. The next morning I had my appointment with Dr. Juarez who told me the same thing. I was not dilated. By that time, I did not sleep well the night before and was not happy about my stomach aches. They still were not horrible at this point or consistent. I called into work and told them I did not think I could come in because I was not feeling good. They totally understood. Did I mention I love my job?!?! I had a warm bath and then headed to the mall with Mom to pass some time. As I was doing laps around the mall that is when my pains became more frequent and started hurting worse. I remember telling my Mom that if I was having false labor I wished it would go away. My Dad did give me a blessing in which he blessed me that I would have strength to face what was coming so I could not understand how I was just dehydrated. After I could not walk anymore, I asked Mom to take me home. Mom kept asking me if I wanted to go to the hospital and I would tell her no because I did not want to be told to go home again. About 5 minutes after we got home, I told Mom I wanted to go.  Peter was at work but I did not want to get his hopes up so I did not call him. I got into the hospital I was dilated to a 5. They called Dr. Juarez and I was admitted to a room and told I could get an epidural anytime. I was in shock. Everything was not happening like I thought it would. Peter was not there and I did not have a hospital bag or anything. As I was waiting for the I.V. Peter called. I was nervous and shaking so Mom answered the phone. I heard her say, "we are at the hospital", "Kassie is going to have the baby", "she is dilated to a 5", and "I promise". When Peter showed up in his church clothes, because he wore them at work and he came straight over, I had the I.V. and he could not believe I did not call him. I told him I did not want to get his hopes up and he laughed. We watched the screen as my contraction got worse. I could felel them getting worse. Finally, my best friend, the anesthesiologist came in. This was the part I was worried about because of the horror stories I read or was told but I was also ready. After it was done I could not believe it. It did not hurt at all. I loved it. I felt amazing right after. Peter on the other hand got all the attention because he almost passed out. hehe He went into the bathroom to sit on the floor. When he came out he looked horrible. The nurse gave him an alcohol wipe to smell and he went on a walk as my Mom came in. My husband is so cute. He was so worried for me the epidural was worse for him. I was great! The waiting began. We watched now the big mountains of my contractions and would laugh. It was fun. I was at a 8 when the epidural was placed and at a 9 when Dr. Juarez came in and told me I could push. That was not bad at all either. 

 Long story short, I pushed for 2 hours but it did not feel like that. They had to cut me because I would have tore but I did not have to have a c-section!!! The nurse told Peter to stop talking to me because he was making me laugh as I was pushing by saying, "he is almost here Kass" or "I can see him". At 9:38 P.M. the most handsome baby boy was put in my arms! I cried. I could not believe I was given such a perfect baby. We were in love right away. My family came in to see him after I was all cleaned up. Peter's family came shortly after. We were all so in awe and in love! Since then, I have been so blessed to be Finn's Mom. He brings so much joy in our lives and I could not imagine our life right now any other way! Thanks to all the family and friends who took time to meet our precious boy. We are loved and we love you!  I am also grateful that Dr. Juarez was my Dr.  I have known him since I was around 8 years old.  He cares so much about me and my family.  He told extra time with me, let me call him at home with any worries, and was well just amazing.  I am sure lucky my insurance let me go to him.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

9 Months In A Nut-Shell!

Alright...seeing as I am not very good at blogging....of course I did not do a blog post for all of nine months soooo here we go...a quick review of how it was... *Main problem- back pain! haha I REALLY felt lucky with how my pregnancy went. I was not sick very long and the days I did get sick, I would throw up once and be good to go. The only thing was the back pain. I hurt my back when I was a teen and because of that injury, the extra weight was not helping. But if all I had was back pain...I count myself lucky. I never even lost energy. I worked up until I had him. I work Monday-Thursday so on Thursday the 11th I had a very busy day at work and then Monday the 15th...I had him. *Cravings- mostly ice and that is it. I got pretty swollen in the summer months and I could not have enough ice. I ate it all the time. Favorite gift while I was pregnant was a bag of ice from Sonic. haha Not really because I got lots of gifts but it was pretty dang good. lol *LOVED Maxi dresses! Favorite thing to wear. That and my bathing suit because having a baby in is hot! *Pretty clumsy though...could not wear high heels after I fell in the church parking lot. *LOVED LOVED LOVED feeling Finn kick. He was a pretty chill baby and would not move as much as I heard people say they would feel their babies but when he did...I loved it! He would get hiccups ALL THE TIME and still does...pretty funny! -That is about it...check out these pictures of just some things we did! :)
Baby went to Disney On Ice before he was born^^^
We did fun FHE activities ^^^
April 18th, 2013 was a great day! My brother FINALLY came home! My shirt was sooo cute! It said "Proud Sister" and on the stomach was a picture of a baby with "Proud Nephew" written! Soooo glad to have him back!
We did our traditional Mother's Day weekend! ^^^
Peter graduated^^^ there are MANY more picture but this post would be WAY too long to put all of them sooo there you have it...just a few things we did while I was pregnant! Will write soon.... Luv, The Petersens