Thursday, September 26, 2013

9 Months In A Nut-Shell!

Alright...seeing as I am not very good at blogging....of course I did not do a blog post for all of nine months soooo here we go...a quick review of how it was... *Main problem- back pain! haha I REALLY felt lucky with how my pregnancy went. I was not sick very long and the days I did get sick, I would throw up once and be good to go. The only thing was the back pain. I hurt my back when I was a teen and because of that injury, the extra weight was not helping. But if all I had was back pain...I count myself lucky. I never even lost energy. I worked up until I had him. I work Monday-Thursday so on Thursday the 11th I had a very busy day at work and then Monday the 15th...I had him. *Cravings- mostly ice and that is it. I got pretty swollen in the summer months and I could not have enough ice. I ate it all the time. Favorite gift while I was pregnant was a bag of ice from Sonic. haha Not really because I got lots of gifts but it was pretty dang good. lol *LOVED Maxi dresses! Favorite thing to wear. That and my bathing suit because having a baby in is hot! *Pretty clumsy though...could not wear high heels after I fell in the church parking lot. *LOVED LOVED LOVED feeling Finn kick. He was a pretty chill baby and would not move as much as I heard people say they would feel their babies but when he did...I loved it! He would get hiccups ALL THE TIME and still does...pretty funny! -That is about it...check out these pictures of just some things we did! :)
Baby went to Disney On Ice before he was born^^^
We did fun FHE activities ^^^
April 18th, 2013 was a great day! My brother FINALLY came home! My shirt was sooo cute! It said "Proud Sister" and on the stomach was a picture of a baby with "Proud Nephew" written! Soooo glad to have him back!
We did our traditional Mother's Day weekend! ^^^
Peter graduated^^^ there are MANY more picture but this post would be WAY too long to put all of them sooo there you have it...just a few things we did while I was pregnant! Will write soon.... Luv, The Petersens

Gender Reveal!!!

The day FINALLY came to know what we were having. I could not wait. The date was scheduled with Dr. Juarez buuuttt Peter and I are VERY impatient. 14 weeks came and Peter and I decided we could not wait the short 4 weeks to find out and we went in for a 3D ultrasound. They got me ready after we paid and BAM...there was our sweet baby! It is such a weird feeling seeing your child for the first time. You immediately feel so much love for the little one inside of you. I also was shocked because at that point I could not feel the baby but there he/she was..just moving around sooo much! It was an experience I will NEVER forget. The Ultrasound tech said that our little baby looked like he/she was looking great and growing nicely. She also said she did not think I would make it to July 28th because already the baby was measuring bigger. The time finally came when she asked Peter and I if we were ready to find out. My heart was beating so fast. Here it was time. We would finally be able to say he or she. My Dad and the girls left the room because I wanted them to find out with everyone else. It was just Peter, my Mom, and myself in the room. The tech went down to see and yes...he was a boy! I could tell right away. There was no mistaking it! It was weird because we thought we were having a girl because I did some pee on a stick tests and they both came out girl and his heart beat was always so high and the old mid wives tale noted he should be a girl...but no...our baby was a boy! Peter said it felt right because all through the Ultrasound for some reason he kept saying "he" and my Mom said watching him felt like watching my brother's Ultrasound.
My little guy is still loves to cuddle^^^ The next morning I went out with my Mom and got his first outfits. Well she got a ton and I bought one. haha It was so much fun and I soon realized boys really do have so much cute stuff too!
The next Saturday, February 16th, was our Gender Reveal. My Mom put sooooo much work into it. Thanks so much was perfect! She was the only one besides Peter and I who knew what we were having and she got the cake ordered, invites and anything computer made, and decorations done and I LOVED it! My Aunt Missy from Utah came down for it and helped a lot as well. Thanks everyone who helped and came to support us with our exciting day! It was perfect and I could already tell Finn will be so loved. We ate food, did an Old Wives Tale activity where I told my answers, watched my Ultrasound, and cut the cake! Like I said....PERFECT!!!
The last picture is a shirt from Tav! We also have a video of the reveal on my facebook...check it out! I can't figure out how to load it here. haha Not the best at computers! :S Until next time.... Luv, The Petersens