Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brining in 2012

2011 you have been good to us! We had lots of fun this year! We have amazing family and the best friends! This year...
*I went to the Sevens Games with Tavin! That was so much fun and a memory I will remember forever!!!
*We got a new Brother-In-Law to the Petersen side. Austin...we love you and am so glad you married Rachel, you two are so cute!
*My brother left on his mission. Ummmm was this a good highlight? Even though it has been so hard, we are so proud of him and the man he is becoming. Letters are now my favorite things to get.
*I got a nephew! Little Jonas is so cute and we love playing with him!
*Belly Button got baptized! So proud of you Belle! I love my baby sister! You will always be my baby sister so get used to it. :)
*Brittin is now 14 and can go to the dances! It is fun to get to be part of getting her ready (even if she does not like it). haha Love you pretty Britt!
*We had lots of fun dates!
*Peter and I celebrated our 2 year Anniversary! We saw Lion King! Ahhh AMAZING!
*I got a new job which I love!
*We started our love for some new shows with my family. Vampire Diaries, Hart of Dixie, and Once Upon a Time! LOVE!
*I LOVE my calling with the YW!
*I LOVED all the fun activities Mom and Dad always plan! We have had so much memories because of your creativeness. Thanks for all you do for Peter and I! My parents are amazing!
Basically, it was a year full of happy times, sad times, laughing times, and just so much joy because of the family and friends we share! Thanks for all the memories 2011!

Here is how we rang in the New Year....
Normally, we like to hit the strip. I know, some people think we are crazy but let me tell you, it is soooooo much fun! I have loved every time we have gone. This year; however, Britt had her New Years Eve dance to go to...which she looked soooo cute by the we decided to party it up at home with Belle. We played games, ate some yummy food, and yelled errr counted in the New Year! Then...I got my New Year kiss and did some poppers with everyone. It was really fun! Nana and Papa were even there which made it even better! Haha Sorry Nana for all the bad cards in Pit from my Dad. ;) Here are some pictures from the night...

Two of my loves in my life!

Belle and I....I just love her soooo much!

My cute sister is a party animal! Sorry guys but I have the cutest 8 year old sister award!

Hahaha Belle was taking a picture of us and last min. Peter decided to go for a kiss= very awkward picture! ;)We need to get better at taking more pictures this next year!

Well there you have it...2012 will have much more fun times ahead. It is also our "Black Year" with Tavin so wish us luck!

Love you all!
<3 The Petersens

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  1. Kay, I am LOVING that you are blogging - however, you need to change your blog template/color scheme... because your background is black... and so is your font... aka I have to HIGHLIGHT every post just to read it! ;) lol just fyi!

    Anyway, glad you guys had a WONDERFUL year! :)