Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Flowers and April Showers

Ok we live in Nevada...the chances of "showers" do not happen much. haha But we do have some really pretty flowers in our yard. I just love this time of year and what makes it even better is Peter was on Spring break this past week so that meant I actually went to bed with my husband! None of the coming home to an empty house and Peter coming home 10:30 or 11:00 at night! This was an amazing week!
The week started how I wish every week could start...with general conference! How blessed we are to live in a time where we can hear words from prophets and apostles and just amazing people who listen to the spirit and tell us what our Heavenly Father wants us to know for our life. Ever feel conference was just for you? Well sorry guys but this time...conference was just for me. :) I love that it just gave me the push to become better at everyday things like prayers, scripture reading, writing letters to Tavin (Sat. conference had a talk that made me feel really guilty that some weeks I miss), my church calling with the amazing YW, and just how we are around family and friends. I feel so happy and uplifted! I hope you all had a great conference weekend just like Peter and I had. Not only that but during conference I feel so much closer to my brother. My brother and I are really close and this mission time has been soooo hard! He will be reaching his 1 year mark soon and when everyone says, "wow, 1 year already", I always think that they are crazy and it feels like he has been gone 2 years already. For that moment during conference though I know he is listening to the same songs and hearing the same messages as we are, even though he is so far away and listening to them at night instead of the morning. I love that feeling!
This week has also brought the cutest cousins ever to visit! Linny, Josh, and Jake are here this week while my Aunt and Uncle and cousins Tanner and Meg are at Youth Conference! It has been a blast! So far we have played games, gone to the park, swam in our heated pool, gone to Chuck E Cheese, watched Hop, ate waffles and so much more. Today we are going to the lake so I need to go but there is my quick update of conference week. Will write soon!

Lot of love,
The Petersens <3

My boys watching Saturday General Conference!

Isn't he sooo cute?!?!

T was CRAZY the morning of Sunday General Conference and was running around like mad and as soon as the 1st song came on....he did this! Love him!

My Mom did these to go along with 2 of my favorite talks! Yes....she is amazing! :)

This is my hubby doing "homework". I told him to get HW done and I would watch a movie with T and this is what happened.

My cousin jake LOVES "her"! He has a girl dog and no matter how many times we say T is a boy...he will always be a, "ohhhh I love her". haha

Playing on our bed!

Jake doing some snowboarding on the Wii!

More pictures to come...