Thursday, September 26, 2013

9 Months In A Nut-Shell!

Alright...seeing as I am not very good at blogging....of course I did not do a blog post for all of nine months soooo here we go...a quick review of how it was... *Main problem- back pain! haha I REALLY felt lucky with how my pregnancy went. I was not sick very long and the days I did get sick, I would throw up once and be good to go. The only thing was the back pain. I hurt my back when I was a teen and because of that injury, the extra weight was not helping. But if all I had was back pain...I count myself lucky. I never even lost energy. I worked up until I had him. I work Monday-Thursday so on Thursday the 11th I had a very busy day at work and then Monday the 15th...I had him. *Cravings- mostly ice and that is it. I got pretty swollen in the summer months and I could not have enough ice. I ate it all the time. Favorite gift while I was pregnant was a bag of ice from Sonic. haha Not really because I got lots of gifts but it was pretty dang good. lol *LOVED Maxi dresses! Favorite thing to wear. That and my bathing suit because having a baby in is hot! *Pretty clumsy though...could not wear high heels after I fell in the church parking lot. *LOVED LOVED LOVED feeling Finn kick. He was a pretty chill baby and would not move as much as I heard people say they would feel their babies but when he did...I loved it! He would get hiccups ALL THE TIME and still does...pretty funny! -That is about it...check out these pictures of just some things we did! :)
Baby went to Disney On Ice before he was born^^^
We did fun FHE activities ^^^
April 18th, 2013 was a great day! My brother FINALLY came home! My shirt was sooo cute! It said "Proud Sister" and on the stomach was a picture of a baby with "Proud Nephew" written! Soooo glad to have him back!
We did our traditional Mother's Day weekend! ^^^
Peter graduated^^^ there are MANY more picture but this post would be WAY too long to put all of them sooo there you have it...just a few things we did while I was pregnant! Will write soon.... Luv, The Petersens

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