Friday, September 2, 2011

School Life and Free Time!

OK ladies and gentleman....drum roll please...I am actually going to do my blog. I know crazy right? No more procrastinating because if I do, I will never have anything on this. It will just be, "I will do it next week" every week.

School life has begun! Good luck for all the students going back to school! My hubby is one of you! Even though I love him more than anything for going to school, getting good grades, and working hard so he can support us one day when I am at home with the kids, this sucks sometimes!!! haha Between work and school, it is crazy how little I see him. This semester I am blessed though. For our 1st 1 1/2 year of marriage, he would have work until 5 P.M. and then have a bunch of night classes. This semester, he has a way nice boss that let him change is work schedule so that he only works Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so that he can go to school all day Monday and Wednesday. Monday, I see him around 6 P.M. and Wednesday is the only bad day....10:00 P.M. baby! So on Wednesday I see him around 10:30 P.M. or so. Considering what it was, it is much better! Keep it up honey! It will be worth it one day! :)

In the mix with all of this....we still manage to have fun together. Our current new obsession is...and my husband would probably die knowing I have just uncovered his watching the show Vampire Diaries with my family! Oh my gosh, I LOVE this show! For those who want a good show to watch, I would highly recommend this! Disclaimer, probably not a show for kids. We have to fast forward some stuff because my 8 yr. sister also loves it! It is soooo much better than Twilight. It is my favorite show I have watched in awhile. Everyone in my family loves it, husband and Dad included. We are so going to watch them again with by brother when he gets home from his mission. Season 2 just came out on DVD and of course, we bought it. We are trying to get through before Sept. 15th comes because that is when season 3 starts!!!!! Ahhhh did I mention how much I love this show?!?! OK great, watch it!

That above is a picture of the main characters! My current obsession! Thought everyone should know. Anyways, until next time. Love from the Petersens! <3


  1. Love your blog, Kassie! I'm determined to update mine more as well! And I'll definitely have to consider watching vampire diaries with my new hubby!! Check out my blog if you're bored!

  2. Ummm oh my gosh. Did you just blog? I LOVE YOU! I have NOT seen that show yet... Brady and I just started watching Prison Break (also a sweet show), but I have heard I have to jump on that VD bandwagon! Perhaps I will try and convince Brady! :) LOVE YOU!