Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our First!

Here is my goal, before my 2nd year anniversary, I want to do mine and Peter's story. I don't think everyone has heard it and if you have...sorry....I want to have it on here for the future when details might not be so clear haha. So without further ado....Kassie and Peter's Grand Adventure! ;)

The story takes place once upon a time in the summer of 2008 and I just got back from school/ my oversea adventure to England. I did not really want to go to the singles ward; however, all my friends were either at school or on missions soooo I decided, I needed to make some new friends. I nervously went my 1st time and ran into a old friend I met on this blind date we all went on back in HS. I was so excited to see her and she started to tell me about this fun group of friends she did everything with. She dragged me over to this group of mostly guys and introduced me to all of them. I talked to all of them except Peter at 1st. haha Some knew people I did, or had younger brothers that was my age, so it opened lots of discussions. During Sunday School we all went and that is when I met Peter the 1st time. We got to talking after class and before I knew it R.S. was over and it was time for Linger Longer (that was once a month where we would eat and just chat with everyone in the ward). Peter's group was so much fun and so easy to talk to. I remember thinking Peter was cute but I knew I just did not want to date ANYONE at that time of my life. Peter sent a text, he told me, when they asked about their friend Kassie being drop dead gorgeous, Peter responded, "yeah I dropped dead 10 minutes ago". Numbers were exchanged by saying, "Just to let you know my name is Peter Petersen and my middle name is Lindsey. You will find out soon so I want to just get it out there." haha and then he invited me to play games later on.

When I got home from church, my Mom asked me how it was and I plunged into the story of meeting this group of friends. After I was done, Mom said, "they are return missionaries? Ok be careful" haha Moms are so smart aren't they?

Later that night, we played signs. If you are reading this and have not played signs....oh my gosh you have to! It is so much fun! Peter was my "to go to" person the whole night. Poor boy! He would accept my sign even if it meant he would loose. Sorry love! We played late into the night and then went home! So there you have it folks our beginning. haha I would never have guessed I would have married this fun person I met the 1st Sunday at the Singles Ward (especially since I was so anti-marriage....I know lots of people say that but let me tell you it was 100%'s actually the reason Peter would not bring up the marriage talk when he wanted to because he knew my feelings haha).

After that night, I did EVERYTHING with this group. They were so much fun! Peter and I became the best of friends. I could talk to him about anything and everything and we would spend hours talking on the phone. We went through some drama times but now, as you can see, it payed off. ;)

Our 1st date happened the summer of 2008....not sure the exact day....sorry! It was tons of fun. We went to a BIG Bonfire which turned out to be more of a hang out with friends. lol That is what Peter and I felt through the night. The boys did bombs while the girls talked. haha I have a video of a Sobe bomb going bad and it ends with me saying, "ow" because, that's right, I got hit by glass. Crazy right?

Above is a picture of me the night of our 1st date. :D

Anyways, that is my story for now. Now you have all heard when I met my Peter and our 1st date. Be ready for more stories and pictures to come. Oh and Corrie, thanks for the introduction...Love you Girl!

The Petersens <3


  1. Yay on the story!!! Life is so perfect, the way it all comes together in the end! Things definitely happen for a reason!! Love you!

  2. Isn't it funny how "the one" comes into your life just when you DONT want them to! Haha That was me and Brady too. I was in the middle of putting my mission papers in and had NO desire to date anyone! Its funny, because if you go back to my blog post about our first date and whatnot, I finish the post with an update about my mission papers. Haha